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Sonic Forces - Bonus Edition - Xbox One



Release date: 2017-11-07
Publisher: SEGA
Category:  Adventure

  • Three types of gameplay: fast-paced action like Modern Sonic, platform like Classic Sonic, and use powerful gadgets as your own hero character of the client
  • Bonus Edition includes: game, Skyn ​​for control of the Nintendo Switch and DLC dress code
  • Join an epic struggle to save a world decimated by Dr; Eggman and a mysterious villain in the team game that made Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Experience a fast-paced action like Modern Sonic, catapult past dangerous platforms like Classic Sonic and use powerful gadgets like your own character Hero Hero. The Sonic Edition Forces Bonus comes with a controller skin and game suits for your custom character. The skin design of the controller transports you to the Sonic universe, with Sonic and the mysterious new villain, Infinite. In addition, the game costumes as Persona5, Jet Set Radio, Super Monkey Ball, NiGHTS and PuyoPuyo will transform your custom character to match characters from these SEGA games
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